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Title: Retter Professor of Pharmacy
Type: faculty
Office: DLR 446
Phone: 765-494-4152
Lab: DLR 439
Lab phone: 765-496-2727
Address: Hall for Discovery and Learning Research
207 S. Martin Juschke Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Lab Members: Souad Amiar (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)
Elijah Bass (Graduate Student)
Barsha Bhowal (PULSe Graduate Student)
Jennifer L. Birschbach (Laboratory Manager)
Emily Ann David (Graduate Student)
Roger Wayne Garringer (Office Manager)
Kyunghyun (Hyun) Kim (Graduate Student)
Balindile Bhekiwe Motsa (Microscope TA)
Laura Mae Sanford (Graduate Student)
Roopashi Saxena (Graduate Student)
Rokaia Sultana (Graduate Student)
Hannah M. Woods (Graduate Student)