Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

Student with bulletin boardThe introductory pharmacy practice experiences are intended to introduce and/or enhance student’s existing experiential knowledge in a compassionate and increasingly rigorous manner.  These experiences are intended to gradually prepare students for their advanced rotations by exposing them to different practice settings while participating in patient care decision-making and activities, and solidifying professional attitudes, behaviors and skills. Purdue does not simulate any experiences. All students will have over 320 hours earned prior to their advanced rotations.

There are three sequential courses in different types of pharmacies integrated with the didactic curriculum, one in each of your first - third professional years:






I wanted to send along a picture of (our Purdue IPPE student) by one of the bulletin boards she designed this month while on her IPPE rotation at St. Vincent Women's Hospital.  It is is about a new medication with REMS criteria that we are adding to formulary.  She did a great job on this and was a fantastic student!”
-Melissa Neglia, Clinical Pharmacist and Purdue Preceptor at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis  

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