Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council is a forum for staff discussions, fosters engagement of staff with administration and students, and brings forward suggestions and concerns to the administration.  Council representatives meet monthly to plan informal and formal initiatives. The Chair provides an annual written summary report that includes potential ideas for the future to the Associate Dean, no later than term end (Aug 15).

The Council includes a staff representative from Student Services, Experiential Programs, the Purdue University Pharmacy, Technical Services, the Business Office, the Dean’s Office and other areas within the College as appropriate. Members serve in two staggered cohorts for a term of two years. The Council votes for an incoming Vice-Chair annually, who agrees to serve an additional three-year term.


Other Resources

  • Purdue HR
  • MaPSAC (Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee)
  • CSSAC (Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee)

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