The purpose of this document is to help PharmD students plan financially for their rotations throughout the PharmD program. Due to the unique nature of rotations many students encounter costs that they did not expect. Hopefully, this information will empower students to enter these experiences with the resources they need. Please note that these prices are subject to change.

Rotation Expenses

  • Additional Rotation Requirements: In one survey of P4 students, students paid an average of $17 per rotation for requirements such as background checks, drug screens, fingerprinting, vaccine titers, and out of state intern licenses. This excluded costs associated with international rotations. However, costs vary greatly from rotation to rotation and many sites have no additional requirements.
  • Parking: Although the majority of rotation sites have free parking available, parking can be a significant expense for rotations in urban areas. At Eskenazi, parking is approximately $25-$30 per rotation. At Northwestern in Chicago, the cheapest parking is approximately $9 per day. Spot Hero and other apps may be helpful in these situations.
  • Travel: Depending on how close you are living to your rotation site and the efficiency of your car, the cost of gas can add up. In addition, some students have costs associated with moving (new furniture, trailers, apartment deposits/fees).
  • Housing: Some students need to pay for short-term housing through sites such as AirBnb depending on their rotation schedule.
  • Summer Tuition: Many students are not aware that there is tuition associated with rotations during the summer months.
  • International Rotations: Please contact Dr. Schellhase regarding these additional expenses.

Job Search Expenses

  • Midyear – Residencies and Fellowships
    • Registration: $340 for ASHP member students, $480 for nonmember students ($50 for student membership)
    • Travel: Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, etc. (~$200 - $300)
    • Hotel: Conference is 5 days, but may not be necessary to stay for full duration (~$300 splitting room with 1 person average $120/night for 5 days)
    • PPS (for fellowships and some residencies): $95 for early bird registration
  • Residency Match Registration: $160
  • Residency Application Costs: $110 for first 4 programs then $43 per program
  • Residency, Fellowship, and Job Interviews: Depending on the locations of the programs you apply to, flights and hotels can add up significantly. However, many interviews are now virtual.

Licensing Expenses

  • MPJE/NAPLEX Test Preparation: There are many approaches to this, but a few potential options are listed below.
    • MPJE Exam Review: $90 for a recorded session
    • NAPLEX Exam Reviews: $30 for a recorded session
    • RxPREP NAPLEX Full Package: ~$800 - Purdue is covering this cost
    • RxPREP Question Bank ONLY: $150
    • High-Yield Med Reviews NAPLEX Standard Package: $300/12 months
    • NAPLEX Review Books Through Purdue Health eLibrary Access: Free
    • Question Bank through Lippincott Health Library: Free
  • MPJE Exam
    • Application Fee: $100 per jurisdiction
    • Examination Fee: $150 per jurisdiction
  • NAPLEX Exam
    • Application Fee: $100
    • Examination Fee: $475
  • Indiana License Application
    • Passport Photo: Approximately $20 at local drugstores
    • Background Check: Approximately $40
    • Application Fee: $100
  • License Applications Outside Indiana: Please be aware that Indiana is among the least expensive states for licensure. Costs for other states can generally be found on their Board of Pharmacy websites.

Other Expenses

  • Graduation Gowns: Approximately $150 to rent
  • Lack of Income between Rotations and Work Start Dates: Whether you are working or pursuing a fellowship or residency after graduation, there will be a significant amount of time between rotations ending and work starting. Most residencies and fellowships start in mid-June to early July, leaving approximately 1-2 months between graduation and the first paycheck. Community pharmacy positions may be more flexible with start dates, but there is still a significant lag between graduation, taking licensing exams, and becoming fully licensed as a pharmacist.
  • Summer tuition: Summer tuition differs based on your resident status (in state vs. out). Students can expect to receive their summer reimbursement around June.
    For P1s-P3s:
    • Indiana Resident: ~$2,500
    • Out of state: ~$7,200
    • International: ~$7,700
    For P4s:
    • Indiana Resident: ~$2,500
    • Out of state: ~$7,200
    • International: ~$7,700

*These prices may vary from year to year. The expenses listed here reflect the current prices as of the 2022-2023 academic year.