Applications will be reviewed once Purdue receives PharmCAS has verified the application. Applicants will receive communication once their application has been received and reviewed for Admissions Prerequisite with “next steps.”

All applications will initially be reviewed for evidence of basic qualifications for admission as described in the PharmD Prerequisites & Decision Factors section. Those most qualified will be invited for a personal interview. Interviews and extemporaneous written and verbal communication exercises are conducted on the West Lafayette campus in the College of Pharmacy in mid-February. Applicants we would like to interview will have the opportunity to rank order their choices of interview dates and times.

Following all interviews, the Admissions Committee will thoroughly evaluate all components of each application and rank applicants based on overall qualifications. Admission will be granted to approximately 150 of the most highly qualified applicants. Remaining qualified applicants are placed on a rank-ordered wait list for residual spaces as they become available. Students who are not admitted will be referred to appropriate advising offices for assistance in choosing an alternative pathway of study. Performance of admitted students is reviewed again at the end of the spring term. Admission offers are withdrawn if academic performance is deemed below the acceptable level.

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