Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dear Alumni and Friends – 

“To your call once more we rally, Alma mater hear our praise…” and so begins Hail Purdue! I write today to “call you to rally for Purdue” one more time. This fall, Purdue will face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Protect Purdue plan is a comprehensive health and safety plan aimed to protect everyone in the Purdue community. As part of this plan, we are requiring the seasonal flu vaccine for all faculty, staff, and students. We need your help!

This “Flu Shot, Moon Shot” is a tremendous opportunity to “give back” to Purdue by volunteering time to assist with this effort. We will be running several on-campus mass flu vaccination clinics in late September and early October. We will need assistance from those certified to administer vaccinations, but also help with check-in and logistics. Preceptors, please consider bringing your students for a day to help out.

Additional details and signups can be found here (please complete BOTH surveys):



After you sign up, a member of the Purdue University Pharmacy team will contact you regarding next steps and provide you with additional information. Questions should be directed to our Purdue University Pharmacy team at nlnoel@purdue.edu or twolfs@purdue.edu.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the profession of pharmacy to shine -- to show our campus, the impact of the College of Pharmacy in helping to Protect Purdue! I hope you’ll answer the call!


Boiler Up!



Eric L. Barker, Ph.D. 
Dean and Professor
College of Pharmacy