Dana Neary at a College function
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This Purdue Day of Giving, the Purdue College of Pharmacy is proud to announce the creation of the Dana Neary Scholarship Endowment.

After 27 years at Purdue and 14 of those in the College of Pharmacy, Dana Neary has announced her retirement. As a way to thank Dana for all her incredible contributions to the Pharmacy Family, our generous alumni and friends have the opportunity to come together and grow the impact of the Dana Neary Scholarship.

“Any time you were involved with an alumni event run by Dana, it ran seamlessly. She executed all aspects of the event with excellence. Dana is leaving a legacy in the College of Pharmacy that will be tough for someone to follow,” said Jeannie Chaney, a 1961 Pharmacy graduate and loyal College donor.

For Pharmacy alumni like Class of 2015 graduate, Stephanie (Jaward) Gorin, Dana’s impact went far beyond events. It became deeply personal.

“Throughout our lives, we will encounter millions of people; very few will leave an everlasting impact, very few would pour their heart into seeing other’s happiness over their own, and very few would want to see you succeed at every level life has to offer,” said Stephanie. “Dana Neary is among the ‘very few’ kind of people. Dana gave up countless hours to the College of Pharmacy student body and made sure to be available at any given moment. Dana, personally, gave me the platform to excel at Purdue. She invested her time and heartfelt energy into me, so much so, that my family now feels the same undivided attention and love from their ‘Grandma Dana aka Grammy’. Although her retirement makes for an undeniably heartbreaking day for Purdue, it also marks a spectacular next chapter for Dana’s life.”

Stephanie added, “Dana, there are no words to ever thank you enough, but I hope you know that each and every day there are thousands of grateful hearts with your name imprinted on them forever.”

This scholarship endowment will help those who are near and dear to Dana’s heart, our Pharmacy students. While we will all miss Dana, we hope you will join us in celebrating her with a gift to this new scholarship endowment.

To donate to the Dana Neary Scholarship, please visit this link: purdue.university/Pharmacy