Katie and Darren Wise
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Young alums, Darren and Katie Wise, set a goal early on for their family to set up a student scholarship in the Purdue College of Pharmacy. During this year’s Purdue Day of Giving, the Wise family was able to meet this goal and set up the Wise Family Scholarship Endowment. “After being a beneficiary of the generosity of alumni during my time at Purdue, it seemed an appropriate way to pay it forward,” said Katie.

Darren graduated from Purdue University in 2015 with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Katie received her Purdue College of Pharmacy PharmD degree in 2017. Katie currently works as a Regional Medical Director for Horizon Therapeutics and Darren serves as an Operational Strategist for StoryRunners.

During Katie’s last year of pharmacy school, her class collected money to start a scholarship fund. “I remember several of us feeling quite annoyed at being asked to donate when many of us, myself included, had student loans and had yet to see our first paycheck. I begrudgingly gave $20,” said Katie. Fast forward a few years after graduation, and her perspective had changed drastically. After much thought and consideration, the Wise family felt this was the right time to join in with all the Purdue Pharmacy Alumni who have given before them.

“We think generosity shouldn’t be limited by age or stage of life,” said Darren, “the lifestyle and habit of giving back should start young!” There's a false perception that your early career is only for wealth building and you should wait until later in life to give back. But if you wait, you’ll miss out on countless opportunities. Because the Wise family is setting up this scholarship now, they will have many years to connect with the scholarship recipients and be involved with students and the College of Pharmacy.

Darren and Katie Wise are “Ever Grateful” for their Purdue Education and the opportunities it afforded them. “We truly appreciate the countless faculty and alumni who paved the way and gave us the tools for success.”

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