Kim and Greg Wasson
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This Purdue Day of Giving, the Purdue College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce Kim (BS ’81) and Greg (BS ’81) Wasson have continued their support of the Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency.

“We are so grateful to Kim and Greg for their continued support of this innovative residency. There is great demand for unique post-graduate residencies and this veterinary pharmacy experience is truly a wonderful partnership between the College of Pharmacy and College of Veterinary Medicine,” said Dean Eric Barker.

The Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency makes the concept and practice possible of true clinical pharmacy services for veterinary patients. “Because of this residency, our practitioners have access to clinical pharmacy resources they would not have otherwise,” said Wil Gwin, Director of the Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pharmacy. The residency improves patient outcomes, the teaching component for veterinary nurses, DVM students, interns, residents and faculty. “The Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency has enabled me to create clinical pharmacy services in our hospital and has prepared residency graduates to command prestigious roles in other veterinary colleges,” said Wil.

Greg and Kim Wasson are Purdue College and Pharmacy grads and their youngest daughter is an equine veterinarian and graduated from the Purdue Veterinary school. The residency is a perfect match for their family, taking all of their backgrounds and focusing on pharmacy services for veterinary patients.

“One year, my daughter invited me to speak to her class during a lunch and learn about business in general. During the Q&A session, I was surprised by the number of students raising the issue of needing more pharmacists trained on animal use of human meds. They were also looking for more training for themselves in this area. This need struck me as an opportunity for Purdue, having both schools of pharmacy and veterinarian science, to lead this collaboration,” said Greg.

“We hope that in years to come, veterinarians and pharmacists benefit from this cross training. More importantly, we hope patients, be they animal or human, are the ultimate beneficiary,” said Kim.

Thank you to the Wasson’s for your continued support.