Podcast episode 1: Pharmacy Dream Team: Get to Know the Barkers


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The Purdue University College of Pharmacy is home to more than 400 alumni couples—all of whom have left their own indelible marks on the profession. Eric and Loretta Barker might not have met at Purdue, but they did meet in pharmacy school. And since their arrival in West Lafayette, they’ve ushered in a transformative era of innovation and dynamic leadership in the College of Pharmacy.

Eric, a renowned leader in the field of neuropharmacology, is Purdue’s Jeannie and Jim Chaney Dean of Pharmacy. Loretta is a practicing licensed pharmacist in a local hospital. Together, they represent an excellent example of the vast opportunities available to pharmacy graduates.

Listen in as the Barkers tell their story of life, love, and the persistent pursuit of pharmacy’s next giant leap.