Podcast episode 6: Listening to Learn: A journey from gifted child to CEO


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Dr. Rola Kaakeh took her first giant leap at the age of 10 when she started taking courses in Purdue’s College of Pharmacy. Coming from a house of academics, she was drawn to health care and found pharmacy was the perfect fit.

As she progressed through Purdue’s PharmD program, Kaakeh found she had interests in solving issues with access to medicine—something that affects many people worldwide. She has dedicated her career to understanding the breadth of pharmacy, including industry, research, community, policy and entrepreneurial consulting. 

As she spent time in these different spaces, Dr. Kaakeh has not only contributed, but made it a point to listen intently and learn from others across health care teams. She continues to share her passion for helping others every day.

Dr. Kaakeh is the 2024 Eaton Entrepreneurial Award recipient. The award recognizes alumni of the college who have excelled in entrepreneurial activities throughout their career.