Podcast episode 2: YingKei Hui: Making her Mark as Purdue’s First Lady


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YingKei Hui grew up on a small island near Taiwan where she recalls biking several hours to access books. Her giant leap from humble beginnings to the role of Purdue’s First Lady is a journey of a thousand small steps.

A practicing physician, Dr. Hui understands the importance of collaboration between all members of the medical community—including physicians and pharmacists.

In this episode, Dr. Hui shares her story and talks about her passion for the Purdue Community—including her launch of a medical alumni network that will further enhance collaboration among Purdue alumni in various aspects of medicine. Learn how she and Purdue President Mung Chiang have found balance between their transformative leadership of the university, Dr. Hui’s career, and raising a family.

Listen to hear why YingKei Hui embodies the Boilermaker Spirit.